Truck Accidents

A truck accident is one of the most devastating types of vehicular collisions that exists. The sheer size difference between a large truck and a passenger car exposes all occupants of the smaller vehicle to incredibly damaging forces. Truck accidents obviously result in not only severe injuries, but deaths as well.

So, if you’re hurt in a truck accident, how will you pay for the expenses that these injuries cause? How will you pay for the damage to your car? How will you pay for medical expenses? What about the time you’ve missed from work? How will you ever make that money back? What about compensation for the pain, suffering, and inconvenience that you are going through?

Your best chance of doing just that is to talk to the truck accident lawyers at ACK Injury Law. You will work with a team of experienced personal injury and truck accident lawyers who will do everything possible to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

We have a long track record of success in taking legal action against negligent truck drivers, and we know how to thoroughly investigate trucking accidents to uncover the evidence needed to make our clients’ truck accident cases as strong as possible. We know how trucking companies rely on their insurers to pay as little as possible, and these insurers have skilled professionals who make it their mission to do just that.

The effective attorneys at ACK Injury Law know how to deal with the tactics insurance companies use. Experienced truck accident lawyers have the skill it takes to negotiate a fair settlement offer in a truck accident case. However, if the truck motor vehicle case does go to trial, a seasoned Connecticut truck accident attorney will be able to present a compelling argument on your behalf – one based on solid evidence.

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