Bicycle Accidents

The attorneys of ACK Injury Law have experience representing victims of bicycle accidents in Connecticut. We know how hard it can be for injured people to move on after it has been impacted by the negligence of another.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, since 2020, nearly 39,000 bicyclists were injured or fatally harmed while on a bicycle. In Connecticut, there were 834 collisions involving bicycles.

The ACK Injury Law team knows how traumatic bicycle accidents can be and how frustrated and exhausted you must be by your or your loved one’s bicycle crash, injuries, and having to deal with insurance companies.

Our job is to have your back by helping you by taking the lead in your bicycle accident and personal injury case. We have successfully represented Connecticut victims of bicycle accidents before and have a reputation for earning our clients’ trust with hard work, frequent communication, effective teamwork, and expertise.

We can provide the same exceptional legal advice, guidance, and representation for you and your family, starting with a free initial consultation. Call ACK Injury Law at (860) 754-3222 today to learn more about our Norwalk and Middletown bicycle accident lawyers.

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