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Many people do not think about what they will do or how they will respond to a traumatic situation that can change their life. ACK Injury Law’s team of experienced Norwalk personal injury lawyers, with offices Norwalk CT, strive to ensure that victims get the support and compensation they deserve. We believe our job is to handle all aspects of your personal injury case so you or your loved one can just focus on recovering. ACK Injury Law’s mandate is clear: we have your back.

At ACK Injury Law, our philosophy is to provide excellent legal representation by preparing every personal injury and wrongful death case in order to take it to trial. We find that thorough preparation and investigation of your case is highly effective in dealing with the insurance defense opponents to best compensate you fairly as the majority of claims settle before trial. Every case is handled by our entire trial team, so that while a client may have one attorney with whom they primarily interact, the entire personal injury law trial team is deeply involved in each and every personal injury case.

ACK Injury Law accepts personal injury and fatal accident cases on a contingency fee basis. That means that you owe nothing, no attorney’s fee, until we recover a settlement or verdict for you. This means that ACK Injury Law will pay the upfront costs and expenses to preserve and develop the evidence essential to proving fault and documenting the full extent of your injuries and damages. If the case is lost, our legal team absorbs these costs.

ACK Injury Law’s Norwalk injury lawyers have developed an impressive record of success in the settlements, verdicts and final judgments achieved for our clients. Robert Adelman has served as a President of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and has published and lectured on legal and evidentiary issues and Mr. Adelman and Mary Ann Connors have served on the organization’s Board of Governors.

At ACK we have your back.

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